TripTra is a site administrated by the company named TURISTIC TOUR TRANS S.R.L. which is located in Bran, on Valea Porții street, no.188, Brașov. It offers transportation services for people on the most important routes in Romania, providing a wide range of cars prepared to satisfy your requirements!

We offer individual transportation, transportation for small groups and also for large groups according to your needs!

The journey with us guarantees you the necessary comfort, the tranport’s safety and the punctuality that you need because our mission is to have customers that are 100% satisfied!

Our goals are to maintain the quality of the transportation service and therefore we value:

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Punctuality
  • Responsibility
  • Affordable prices
  • Environmental protection
  • Specialized staff

Because we are interested in your travelling conditions, all transportation methods that TripTra uses, are complying with the quality standards imposed by European regulations in the automotive field.